Patience With Self

In these beginning stages of healing, patience with self is for sure needed. I’ve been so hard on myself for so long, that during this journey, it’s been super hard to have this patience. I’ve been so mad at myself for going back into old habits, broken promises to myself, to just not feeling motivate to do nothing.

I can see that my expectations for this healing journey is not what I imagined. In this world that we live in, we would things in a snap. But, as I’m learning about healing, it’s a roller coaster ride. There’s days were things are amazing, and then a trigger will happen. Being honest, sometimes these triggers bring me back into a place of depression, sometimes it’s self soothing with binge eating. Or there’s moments where I’m mindful and pick up a book, or write, or paint. But I’m learning that, in the beginning stages of healing, patience with self is needed. Also not setting crazy expectations on yourself. Believing that even in the bad moments, as long as you keep going and pushing through it things will start to heal. I have to remind myself that if I want to be in a different space, then where I’ve been, to not put a time limit on it. Or rush the process. To understand that everything comes in stages. That this healing is an everyday thing. But knowing that you will have good and bad days. But forgiving yourself on the bad days and starting over the next day. And praising yourself on the good days.

Have patience with yourself! Xoxo

Published by Ashley Hairston

Greetings! I send you nothing but love and compassion to share your story to the world. I'm sharing my story of my healing and shining my light. I'm a wellness coach of my own business Embrace Your Light. I hope my blog and my story helps you, to know that you're not alone and encourages you to share your story and heal.

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