Stop Playing Small! Your Light is needed in the world..

Where have you being playing small in your life?

For most of my life, I’ve played small. I let the morals and values of my family deem my light. As I’m growing into the person I’ve always wanted to be or needed in my life, I see that my beliefs are changing. Because I was so scared to shine my light into the world, I played small. I never allowed myself to go after my dreams, because of what my family would think of me. I hide my true self under layers and layers of masks that weren’t truly me. Now as I’m going through my healing, I’m giving myself permission to be the dreamer I’ve always been.

This year I’m taking off the layers of masks and standing in my truth. Yes it’s scary… Scary as hell.. But I’m learning to trust myself and know that my happiness is more important than people pleasing my family or friends.

If you feel lost and don’t know what to do or where to go. Slow down and sit with yourself. This can be the calling you have dreamed of, or prayed for. But because it’s super scary to leave or let go of everything you’ve know, you don’t take the leap. That’s ok. I’ve been there… I’m still there! But everyday it’s less and less. Because I understand that the life I had before answering my souls call, was not living it was just existing.

You and I may not see the full story or understand it, and we don’t need to. We just need to see the step in front of us and work through that first. Be the person you wish you had in your life! Be the dreamer! It’s still in there. Just need to let go of the things that no longer serve you.

You can love them from a distance. But stop playing small for them. And start playing big for yourself. You will see the change and be glad you answered the call. I did and don’t regret it at all.

I love that I’m starting to stand in my truth and know that the people that need to be in my life will be there. And the people that don’t need to be in my life, I’m grateful for. But it’s time to move on. Be around people that help you grow and support your light.

Will you take a chance on yourself? Will you take the leap and trust in the process?

You can do it! Give yourself permission.

With love dear souls!

Published by Ashley Hairston

Greetings! I send you nothing but love and compassion to share your story to the world. I'm sharing my story of my healing and shining my light. I'm a wellness coach of my own business Embrace Your Light. I hope my blog and my story helps you, to know that you're not alone and encourages you to share your story and heal.

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